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Final Tahoe installment from Katie Blundell and her fellow Brits abroad...

Tignes Spirit riders Katie Blundell and Rich Jonas have been shredding it up in Tahoe this winter. Presently competing on the Euro scene, this is their last installment from a winter that had waaaaay more snow than any of the European resorts! Sure it'll be our turn for powpow next year...

Words: Katie Blundell


Sugar Bowl Powder

"After the snow storm finished, Rich and I hooked up with the Westbeach lot again and drove up to Sugar Bowl to build a powder kicker. There's no need for a lift pass, as you just drive up the road, park up somewhere and then find a spot to build a jump! We got there a little late and all the best spots had been taken. Andy Webb, Will Radula-Scott and Sophie Addison were also with us this time.

"The Westbeach guys found a spot for a kicker and the rest of us built one off the top of an old railway tunnel. It was seriously windy and a sketchy-as landing, but fun all the same. Soph took a gnarly bail and kneed herself in the face but luckily no broken jaw this time!!! After sessioning this, I was allowed a go on the kicker…even tho i hadn't helped build it, so big "thank yous" :)

"With Billy Morgan's coaching, I finally tried my first ever backflip…..hmmm they def need some work! Stoked I kinda got the idea of them and i cant wait to keep pushing the acrobatic side of riding. It will be a while before I try them in the park though!


South Lake Wooden Rail

"Everyone from our house headed down to South lake to find the school rails that we had seen in some movies, but when we go to the spot the rails had been removed….gutted! We moved onto plan B.  We found some wooden rails along the lake front, including a down flat down that we decided to hit. It was backside on for me which isn't my strong side, so I struggled a bit but I was happy to hit my first street thing backside on.


"Had a couple of days where I just took bail after bail, over shooting kickers, tweaking my ankle, sore knees, concussion and bruised ribs. It must have been the point in the season where my body started to get tired and I needed a rest.


"Ed and Dan from Whitelines came out to Tahoe for a week to shoot the Westbeach guys. They asked me and Sophie to join in on one of their shoots which we were really happy about. I was feeling pretty broken but I didn't want to miss out so I just pulled myself together and got involved…..umm lots of painkillers helped too! Really hope they use one of our pics :)



"Nearing the end of our trip, we started to think about what to do with Dorris the car! With no real options of selling her, and after considering driving her into the lake, we looked into scrapping her :( You get money for scrapping cars in the states and Dorris would fetch quite a bit. But luckily for Dorris, just at the last minute, our friend Jade from OZ jumped to her rescue and bought her off us. So now Dorris is alive and well, and starting her new life in Mammoth! So thank you Dorris for lasting the season!

The End

"After cleaning the house (with a horrendous hangover….my job was the toilet, puke), the guys headed to San Fran. Rich and I stuck around for an extra day to get in maximum riding time. We had a last gaspipe session in the garden, then headed to San Fran too. Managed a quick look around before our flight. Then that was it, time to go home….Goodbye America!!! I had a few days back in the UK, resting up my body and trying to get repaired!!"

Katie is now in Laax, competing at the Brits and attempting to protect her title of 'British Big Air Champion' from last year. Best of luck to you girl and we'll see you in Tignes at the Sheelaz Slopestyle competition very soon!
Thanks for all your blog updates this season and for giving us hope that there is snow out there... somewhere!