Avalanche Equipment


M2 Set


m2 SET FUNCTION: digital + analogue (one antenna) RANGE: up to 80 m FREQUENCY: 457 kHz DIMENSIONS: 145 x 60 x 25 mm BATTERIES: 2 x AA LR6 Mignon 1,5 V WORKING LIFE: Transmitting: about 300 hrs / Receiving: about 40 hrs WARRANTY: 5 years

Analogue/digital avalanche transceiver m2 with bag and stereo earphone and cover. Professionals world-wide - rescue teams and mountain guides - trust in the m2, a waterproof, shock-resistant and ergonomically designed beacon. Like all ORTOVOX beacons its body belt system prevents wearing without being switched on. In case of emergency the device is loosened from the body and automatically switches to receive mode. This unambiguous switch-over saves precious time, because you do not need to press complicated buttons or to check the mode.

Thanks to the analogue signal processing the m2 offers a range of about 80 m under ideal conditions. So the search path can be shortened and you get faster to the buried person. The number of beeps indicate at the same time if you have to face a multiple burial situation. The microprocessor converts the analogue signals into a reading of distance (from about 40 m to the buried person) and into a direction arrow. The display shows when the volume control switch must be turned. A red light helps the searcher in the pinpoint area. In case of several buried persons the volume control switch serves to isolate the signals and to ensure an easy and safe search. If you have several searchers, an earphone is highly recommended (connection at the casing). In case of a second avalanche you can use the express emergency switch-over from receive to transmit mode. The m2 uses 2 easily available AA batteries.

The waterproof, shock-resistant and ergonomic casing has an earphone connection socket. The m2 surpasses the demands of the European standard 300 718 and is also available as a set with earphone and bag. ORTOVOX recommends regular training to get familiar with the avalanche transceiver. We also strongly recommend that a transceiver must always be accompanied by a shovel and a probe on your tours.