Option 2007/08



Are you a newbie, a part time shredder or a weekend warrior that love going to the mountain to play?

The Logic is a reliable, forgiving all mountain snowboard that will handle any terrain so you can focus on working on carves, ollies and airs.

You can count on it to be there for your first few turns, landing that first trick or the first time you find untracked powder. Count on the Logic for several years of durable reliable performance and a whole lot of fun in the snow.

Sizes: 149|153|157|160|163

Wide Boards: 159 wide|163 wide|167 wide

  • Perfect for beginner/intermediate rider.
  • An affordable all mountain snowboard without sacrificing performance.
  • Forgiving mellow side cut and flex for beginners and intermediate riders.
  • Comes in wide for larger boot sizes.
  • 2 year warranty.