Avalanche Equipment




FUNCTION: digital + sensor-controlled FREQUENCY: 457 kHz DIMENSIONS: 123 x 80 x 32 mm BATTERIES: 3 x AAA LR3 mini 1,5 V BATTERY LIFE: Transmitting: ca. 350 hrs / Receiving: ca. 20 hrs WARRANTY: 5 years Art.Nr: 01135-256

The S1 is the world’s first sensor-controlled avalanche victim scanner. In case of an avalanche burial, the large range and easy, unambiguous use of the avalanche transceiver are distinct safety advantages. The S1 fulfils both points and, in addition to that, further safety aspects.

The S1 has the ability to simultaneously scan all signals found in the avalanche area and locates several buried persons. The large, illuminated display shows the realtive position and the distance to the buried persons, calculated by analysing the flux line. Signal analysis clearly isolates signals making it possible to locate each of the single transmitters.

What this means for the user: in scan mode the S1 scans the avalanche area and indicates up to 4 buried transmitters, including the search direction and the single distances from the searcher. With the aid of a reticle on the display, the searcher heads for the transmitter positioned next to him and follows the indication on the permanently updated display according to the current situation until reaching the point of burial. Starting from the first point of burial, the searcher can immediately start searching for the next transmitter without having to analyze confusing signals and without having to apply complicated methods for reaching the next point of burial.

Of course the S1 works on the world-wide standardized frequency and is compatible with all standardized beacons available on the market working on this frequency. Beyond the sensor-controlled search capability, the S1 also offers additional functions like “electronic compass”, temperature information and measurement of inclination. Those functions all provide safety ‘switch-back’. Furthermore the S1 has an automatic safety switch-back, in which the device automatically switches back from any operating mode to transmit mode after a certain (user defined) time in order to be set on transmit mode in case of a second avalanche.

This switch-back is only active in passive mode, making sure to avoid annoying disturbances in case of practice sessions. The s1 is estimated to be available from late February on. Technical details are subject to change without prior notice.