Avalanche Equipment




FUNCTION: digital + analogue (two antennae) RANGE: up to 70 m FREQUENCY: 457 kHz DIMENSIONS: 130 x 80 x 25 mm BATTERIES: 2 x AA LR6 Mignon 1,5 V BATTERY LIFE: Transmitting: ca. 300 hrs Receiving: ca. 40 hrs WARRANTY: 5 years

The minutes count when searching for persons buried in an avalanche, which is why an easy-to-use beacon with a large range is essential. The digital-analogue x1 perfectly suits these demands. When you put on the x1 with the lightweight one belt system, the beacon is automatically switched on. There is just one switch for switching over from transmit to receive mode which is vital for ease of operation and saves time in an emergency situation.

Because the x1 is a digital/analogue device, it offers the possibility of a range up to 80 m under ideal conditions, enabling the search path to be shortened and improving the chances of finding the buried person more quickly. The number of ‘beeps’ indicate at the same time if you have to face a multiple burial situation. The digital signal processing helps the searcher by providing a reading of distance (from about 40 m to the buried person) and three direction arrows (from about 15 m to the buried person). The x1’s microprocessor automatically controls the receiver sensibility. An improved microchip ensures a fast processing and indication of signals on the display. While approaching the buried victim, the beep tone changes from the ‘sonar’ sound of the analogue signal, to the ‘beep’ of the digital signal. This happens at around 40 m giving a strong clue to the searcher, of the distance they are from the target.

Due to laws of physics there are so-called dead spots during pinpointing where you are unable to receive usable signals. Thanks to the improved microprocessor in the x1, these dead spots are almost completely eliminated and the user always receives clear signals from the beacon and a fast, precise pinpointing can be carried out. In case of a second avalanche you have the possibility of using an express emergency switch-over from receive to transmit mode.

The x1 uses 2 easily available AA batteries. The waterproof, shock-resistant and ergonomic casing has an earphone connection socket. The x1 surpasses the demands of the European standard 300 718 and is also available as a set with earphone and bag. ORTOVOX recommends regular training to get familiar with the avalanche transceiver. We also strongly recommend that a transceiver must always be accompanied by a shovel and a probe on your tours.