Is it likely that I could get my skis stolen? What should I do if this happens?

Make sure that they have actually been stolen and not just moved by someone else by mistake. Once you are sure of the theft, make sure you report the theft to the police as soon as you can. Because this is a common event, as it is in most ski resorts, the Police deal with this problem regularly so they will take little interest. However make sure you get the necesssary papers and a crime reference number as this will be essential and is required by all insurance companies. If they were rental skis, you'll have to deal with the renatl shop. When hiring the skis, some rental shops will offer additional insurance to protect you against theft. Make sure you take this option as it works out less than 50p a day and is well worth it as it will prevent you getting a large bill! If you choose not to take this option, you will have to pay for the skis (to the replacement cost value) immediately and then you will have to make a claim on your insurance. Theft tends to happen when you least expect it. However make sure they are always in view by at least someone in your group, particularly if you are stopping for a while at a cafe or bar for lunch. It is an idea to use a chain and lock to secure you skis and snowboards, most shops sell these, they're cheap and light so are easily carried. Be vigilant.

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