Overview of Tignes and its neighbouring villages

Tignes is split into three main areas: Le Lavachet, Le Lac and Val Claret. There are two other villages slightly further down the mountain that are well connected to the resort: Les Boisses/Tignes 1800 and Les Brévières.

All the villages in Tignes can easily be reached on skis or by the free shuttle bus. Each area is well supplied with cafes, shops, bars and restaurants. We have varying-sized chalets and apartments throughout the resort, whether you'd prefer the village of Val Claret at the foot of the funicular or the cosier settlements of Le Lac or Le Lavachet. 

Take a look at the resort maps to get your bearings.

Tignes operates a bus service that is FREE of charge and runs from Tignes les Boisses to Val Claret (Grande Motte) until midnight, and from Le Lavachet to Val Claret 24 hours a day. The timetable is shown at every bus stop in resort. 

Tignes has undergone a major face lift in the last few years, moving away from the high-rise buildings of the 1970s to achieve a more authentic alpine look. In 2015 Tignes was the first ski resort to receive a Green Globe certificate, which recognises the STGM's, contribution to sustainable development. 

Val Claret is the highest village in Tignes at 2300m, with fantastic access to the whole Espace Killy area and the Grande Motte. There are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants in Val Claret. Although it is very easily accessible to Le Lac and Lavachet - 7 minutes on the bus - it does sit on its own a little bit. Le Lac and Lavachet are much closer together, 10 minute walk maximum between the two and only a couple of minutes on the bus. Both Le Lac and Lavachet have a good mix or restaurants and bars. 

The lower villages of Tignes-les-Boisses, Tignes 1800 and Tignes-les-Brévières in the valley are quieter settings. All the villages offer scenic views, and there own mix of bars, restaurants and local shops.

They are well-linked into the lift system, with the Sache bubble from Brévières being replaced with an 8-seater cable car for the 2018/19 season. Les Boisses has also got a fantastic beginners area with covered carpets to get you started easily. They are also cannon-assisted so snow-cover usually remains sufficient at the end of April to allow you to still be able to ski to your door. 

Tignes: val claret, le lac, le lavachet, les boisses, les brevieres