Getting there

One of the many great things about Tignes is how accessible it is! There are a variety of different methods of getting into resort, all you have to do is pick the one best suited to your needs. We have broken down all the possible options for you to help make your decision as simple as possible.

In the past we’ve relied on the snow train for cheap easy travel into resort but this isn’t the only cheap option to getting here. There are many major airports that you can get cheap flights 
to (best to book in advance) which include; Geneva, Chambery, Lyon, Grenoble and St Etienne.

You can Rent a Car from any of the airports or even drive yourself all the way from home to your holiday snowy door! If none of these float your boat you could always spend the 15 or so hours on the coach this is probably the easiest option on your wallet and think of all the reading you could get done!

Follow the links below to explore all your options to get to the snowy capped peaks of Tignes.

Travel Options

To give you an idea of where you are heading and the route to use, take a look at this location map of Tignes and the surrounding area.