As we all the know, the weather has a huge effect on any mountain holiday. Although at altitude, the weather can often change considerably from one minute to the next, modern technology enables professionals to make accurate predictions on how the conditions will turn out.

Obviously weather predictions are never 100%(!!) right, however we've always found snow-forecast pretty accurate, especially in the short term. From our past experience it seems they have a high success rate when predicting if it's going to snow or not, its just the amount of snow that's harder to forecast!!

To get an idea of the monthly snowfall in the area take a look at the - Snowfall History of Tignes - article in the In-Depth section.

So when preparing for your holiday it's a particularly useful guide to use and will give you an idea of the weeks conditions. Make sure you pack accordingly and take extra notice of extreme weather warnings especially if you are driving to the resort under your own steam!!

Checking the snow conditions before you leave can help to build the excitement for your holiday; well if snow is on the way, that is!!

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