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Flicks from the Brits!

Things have wrapped up at the British Championships in Laax, but if you weren’t lucky enough to be there you can now check out all the action in these highlight vids.

Brits Slopestyle Video Highlights

With high winds and poor visibility affecting the slopestyle course, this year’s Animal Slopestyle event became a shortened rail jam – but that didn’t stop the best of the country’s jibbers from throwing down. Check out all the highlights here, and keep a special eye out for Andy Nudds’ ridiculously smooth 270 off on 2.48…!

Brits Halfpipe Highlights

Get your eyeballs around the highlights of the Halfpipe finals – including the winning run from boy wonder Jamie Nicholls. Jamie beat a host of more established pipe riders to the title this year, which was yet more proof of his crazy natural talent on a board. Comps are never without their debating points though, and a couple of people have suggested Dom Harington’s run should have clinched it. It was probably bigger amplitude wise, but then Jamie’s was cleaner and included some tech spins. We’re going to sit on the fence and see what you reckon…


Big Air Finals

This year’s Giro British Big air Championships was off the hook! Having seen double backies, double frontflips and all manner of sick spins off the toes in the qualifying, the crowd was treated to a battle of the double-corks in the final, as Jamie Nicholls and Billy Morgan battled it out for the prestigious title. Read our full report to find out who won the epic battle here, and then watch this video – it’s insane!