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Can't wait till next winter? The Grande Motte Glacier is open from June 17th!!

Summer Skiing on the Glacier. The Glacier will be open from the 17th June until the 3rd September 2006 (6:30am to 1pm) and then reopens on the 30th September and stays open from then till the end of the 2007 season. There is a lot of excited talk about the prospect of especially good conditions on the glacier this summer.

Although recent years have seen the snowpark moved further up the glacier, due to poor snow conditions lower down this year looks set to be a ace. This time last year the Glacier only had a snow base, at the top of only 2m, this year there is over 7m!! Combine this with the increase in maintenance, time and investment spent on the Glacier by the Espace Killy, Summer 06 looks set to be good one!! Check out our summer activities page for further information on what goes on in Tignes during the hotter months!! Take a look at the photos of the Glacier May 7th.

Tignes Summer Park
Tignes Summer Park

Technique works!! Looking up at the Grande Motte, ever wondered what those grooves are for that they create on the face of the Glacier? That’s right, to collect any snow and prevent the wind from blowing off any new snowfall straight off the glacier. Never having really given much thought to how well this technique works I was amazed by the amount of fresh snow that was trapped. So, they aren't designed to ensure you all get your own 'swimming pool' type lane, filled with powder then???