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Rich Jonas and Katie Blundell hit up the states : Part Two

Sunshine, ice cream, Broken bones, pierced tongues, skate parks, gaspipes, Heel edge projects. It's all been kicking off in Tahoe this week. Literally.  In this latest installment of the Tignes Spirit blog, our sponsored riders Rich Jonas and Katie Blundell have been making the most of their stint in Tahoe... just in different ways!


Words: Katie Blundell
PIctures: Bruce Lerman
Video Edit: Lynsey Ashdown


is it Summer??

"It has been beautiful weather here in Lake Tahoe for the last couple of weeks.  We have been hitting up sunny Northstar, had a few night shreds at Boreal and we've also been doing some street spots. It's honestly felt like summer over here, as we've been riding in t-shirts, sunbathing by the lake and eating ice cream!!!  We've got into a laid back vibe and done some pretty low key, fun shred type stuff, generally having a pretty chilled out couple of weeks!

"We all went down to Donner Lake and had a mellow session on some picnic benches. It was so beautiful with the lake in the background that we thought it would just make a really nice shot. It was also good practice for the bungee! I had a pretty nasty bail that I'm sure will make it into the next street edit so look out for it!



"We also had another sunny session in the skate park. Lynsey Ashdown, fresh off her flight, joined us too! Would definitely like to head there again at some point this season and try to get more creative with the skate park……

"Then we had a spontaneous moment and bought our selves a 20 ft gaspipe for the garden! It's really good fun and it's also nice to be able to try new stuff without people watching!!! 

"We decided to hit up the Boxes For Days comp at Boreal, which is basically a 240ft line of boxes put together and you have to try and get to the end of it.  This was soooooo hard.  It was an up down to up flat down to flat down to…….etc and included two c-boxes!!! You literally had to cling on to the sides of the boxes whilst sliding just  to have a chance of making it to the end. Some people even did it partly sliding on their bums to make it to the end but I think that was cheating!  I think I made it about half way but Billy Morgan brought the gold home for the Brits with his gallant effort and exceptional technique!! 

Photo: Bruce Lerman
Photo: Bruce Lerman

photoshoots and injuries

"Ride Snowboards really wanted the team to get some pics down for a team poster so we have been busy doing that with the help of photographer Bruce Lerman. Rowan Biddiscombe got an awesome one in the skate park and Lynsey Ashdown and I got some really cool ones in the Stash.

"But now unfortunately we have had a run of really bad luck. Tignes local Ed Stockwell broke his collar bone and then Rich Jonas bruised his heel and bit his tongue. He had to have eleven stitches to re-attach it (it was minging). Another Tigens lad, Simon Belson twisted his spine and then Will Radula-Scott broke his pelvis. So this really sucks!  


heeledge crew arrive

"And then there was some excellent news……the girls house has now arrived in town!!!! Six girls and one boy living 900 metres away from our house. So now there is a proper girly shred crew……..known as Heel Edge Projects!  Watch out for blogs and edits throughout the season!! 

"We took a girly trip down to South Lake for a rail jam in a car park. It wasn't the best set up as everyone, even the boys, were struggling for speed. We had to have two guys at the tow, swinging each competitor in. I took a few nasty bails and didn't do very well but Lynsey Ashdown came 3rd and Kirsty Smith came 4th so that was a really good result for the girls.  Check out the edit below to see some epic slams! We met a crew of guys from Colorado at the rail jam who are now staying in a caravan in the girls driveway!!


"So there's only five weeks left in Tahoe now. We really want to get lots of riding in and have plenty of sunny park laps. Hopefully we can also have fun with more street stuff if we get some fresh snow : )

Thanks Katie! Stay safe and a big "get well soon" shout out to all the boys.

Big Thanks also to Bruce Lerman for your pictures!


looking forward to more updates soon....


Check out the edit of the Heel edge Projects crew at the Boreal Rail Jam right here....

American Legion Rail Jam