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Tignes Spirit launches new site

After almost a year of serious blood, sweat and tears we're proud to announce that tonight has gone live on the internet. It was no easy task building such a comprehensive website but as you'll see the results have been well worth it.

The increased functionality will now mean you'll be able to do everything from watching the live webcams on the glacier and the mountains around Tignes, to reading reviews of local bars and restaurants, as well as viewing our latest flats and booking your holiday on line.

In short we've tried to create a site that will complement your holiday throughout your stay, not just a tool to use before you arrive in the resort. Not only can we arrange your accommodation and travel to the resort but we will be happy to hire equipment and arrange lessons and guiding for you. Our services section highlights the added extras we offer and we're sure you'll see the benefits when compared to the average chalet rental company.

After operating in Tignes for the last three years the Tignes Spirit website has finally become reality! Having initially taken us a while to find the right guys, (basically keen snowboarders who were happy to stay with us and snowboard in Tignes instead of demanding loads of ££££!!!) to work with and to build the site. We then found time at the end of the 05/06 season to sit down, get our ideas together and put the plan into fruition. Let us know what you think about our long awaited site!! And if you need the skills of our web designers contact Kelvin or Anand!

Enjoy theTignes Spirit Experience and we look forward to skiing and riding with you in Tignes anytime soon. Tignes Spirit Crew!