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Jib Vid Rules

In General

Each team is to consist of 3 members (snowboarders or skiers or mixed) The contest begins at 10am in the Tignes snowpark on the 20th March 2007 All Jib-Vid's are to be handed in by midday in the Tignes snowpark on the 21st March 2007.

  • Jib-Vid's are to be no longer than 120 seconds in total.
  • All filming is limited to the resort village and the Tignes snowpark.
  • All images must include the event arm band to prevent filming pre-event.
  • Only the 3 team members can be involved in the filming, riding and editing process.
  • Any assistance from an outside party will result in automatic disqualification.
  • Extras are allowed in the film as long a their part is not essential to the understanding of the film.
  • The music used in the jib-vids must be from the selection provided by the organisers.


Films will be judged by the teams and will be scored on the following criteria:

  • 40% riding
  • 20% editing
  • 20% filming
  • 20% creativity

The team's scores for each film will account for 60% of the final score, with the remaining 40% of the final mark coming from an external judging panel After the films have all been judged once the top 5 will be played again. They will then be judged again in accordance with the above stipulations in order to get the final top 5 ranking.

No team is allowed to mark their own film and each team will judge the other films as one.


If you had your Jib-Vid after midday on the 21st March you will receive a 30% reduction in score.

If you Jib-Vid is longer than 120 seconds you will receive a 30% penalty.

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