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Protest Jib Vid

The Jib-Vid is the freshest riding and filming competition for snowboarders and skiers in Europe. Get yourself to Tignes from the 19th – 21st March 2007 and enjoy the new and improved snowpark which you can ride as the contest happens and the live music which is going on both in the park and in the pubs and clubs around Tignes.

All you need is a team of 3; a camera and editing equipment, a great concept and you yourself could be heading to Tignes for the Jib-Vid to compete against the other crews who feel they have the skills to win a share of the 6000€ jackpot prize money and some of the many other prizes that will be on offer!

The Prize breakdown

  • 1st place team: 2250 euros + 3 Sony Vaio laptops
  • 2nd place team: 1500 euros
  • 3rd place team: 750 euros
  • 4th place team: 450 euros
  • 5th place team: 300 euros

Other awards

  • Best trick
  • Most creativity
  • Best editing
  • Best camera work
  • Most stoked film

There will also be on-the-spot cash give-aways in the snowpark on the Wednesday afternoon for a best trick session.

Yes, between the 3 people in your team you must film and edit your movie over the course of 26 hours and each movie must be a maximum of 120 seconds long, to see the contest details check out the rules page. Then later that day you can kick back and enjoy all the teams Jib-Vid’s at our grand projection show.

So fill in your teams’ entry form and you could become part of Jib-Vid Team Challenge history along with some of the previous winners like Troy Stephen, Adam Gendle & Scott Mcmorris from Lockdown Projects who created Wang vs Chang, last years winner.

Remember, it's all about FUN!

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