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Chatting to Arthur Longo at Winter X Games Tignes 2012


Arthur Longo
, 22, is France's hottest rider. After winning one of snowboarding's biggest prizes at The Arctic Challenge in 2009 and representing his country in the superpipe event in Vancouver at the 2010 Olympics, Arthur went on to deliver the first of what is sure to be many legendary video parts in last season's Pirate Movie Production Hooked and Bottom line.

However, it is Arthur's all-round riding ability, inimitably smooth style and insane amplitude that raises eyebrows the world over.

Tignes Spirit were invited to the BURN Penthouse during Winter X Games Tignes 2012 to interview some of the legends of snowboarding including Mathieu Crepel, Stale Sandbech, Olivier Gittler and Gigi Ruf.


Arthur was more than willing to chill on the balcony and chat about his previous X Games experiences, keeping his head during intense competition, a love of surfing and confusion at the French approach to ski and snowboard instructor qualifications. We all agreed... a thoroughly nice guy!


This collective of "BURN Units" were promoting their latest short film "Human Machines" throughout X Games week. Produced by Johannes Östergård the film explores two contrasting sides of freestyle snowboarding: stylish moves in hand-shaped, natural terrain, and progressive tricks in modern machine-cut snowparks.

It remains undecided as to which progresses snowboarding or maintains the soul most!


We'd like to thank Arthur for giving us his time. Best of luck to you in the future and hope to see you at the next X Games Tignes in 2013! Also a massive thank you to Sally and Jason from Burn for inviting us to the BURN Penthouse.