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Bluebird Video Production

Customised ski and snowboard holiday films in Tignes this winter...

Bluebird Video Productions creates professionally edited snow focused movies. This is a unique service for skiers and snowboarders who may not have the time or knowledge to edit hours of footage they may have filmed on their trip. They take the responsibility away from the amateur filmer, so that he/she can get the most from their time on the mountain. They capture everything on film and put together the best bits so you can show everyone at home! 


The movie is edited to music in a style that suits you. At the end of your holiday you will be presented your Bluebird movie on DVD, in a personalised cover and (if you wish) the Bluebird team will post the movie on Facebook while you are still in the mountains. They provide you with a 10-30 minute high quality, fun video. The video length depends on the size of the group. 

Bluebird creates movies for families, friends, individuals and companies. Their movies are totally customised to your wishes and can range from relaxed holiday movies to hardcore snowboard and ski edits. Bluebird works with all levels of skiers and snowboarders on piste, in the park and off-piste (with a guide).

How it works...

Make the booking through the Bluebird website and the team will come to visit you in your chalet/apartment once you've arrived in Tignes. They will then discuss what you want from the film... maybe your group are complete beginners in lessons or you have specific ideas about the kind of runs you want to be filmed on.

On filming day the team will meet up with you and spend a few hours on the mountain whilst showing you some good spots for filming if you wish. It’s a great morning or afternoons fun!

After skiing or snowboarding, if you wish, the camera will keep rolling to capture your après ski antics, chalet dinner or anything else you wish to be filmed! 

Check out a selection of videos from the Bluebird team.

Price is 25 euro's per person with a minimum booking of 100 euros.

For those who would rather document their holiday in their own way, 3sixtycams will providing holidaymakers with the opportunity to hire Go-Pro cameras during their trip to Tignes. Find out more here!