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Tignes Spirit team rider Louise Sharp living the dream in Kashmir!

Epic powder & with no one to get in the way, the Gulmarg resort in the foot of the Kashmirian Himalayas, is THE spot for Tignes Spirit team rider and back country skier Louise Sharp to test out the new Movement Trust skis.

She has sent us some photos of her trip so far, along with a few words, in an attempt to explain just how amazing this place really is!

Day 1

Arrived in Kashmir fine, blue bird morning in Gulmarg - tonnes of snow and monkeys everywhere - about to hit the alpine area, looks lush. Hoping to head over to a backcountry section called Paper Trees...

Day 2

This place is incredible. We've enjoyed two bluebird days so far and there are so many deserted areas and freshies to be had from the last storm that came through last Friday. The alpine area is accessed via a gondola for £2.50 per trip up (it's highest in the world). It then allows you to tour or hike across the mountain range so that you can then pick from a huge maze of routes down. The ridge is vast, and accesses a huge backcountry area.

Day 3

The snow is off the hook! Deep, light powder down steep ridges, with quiet hidden valleys and gullies all over the place. The chitter chatter of monkeys follows you everywhere! The skyline from the top gives views over the Himalayas (see one of the pics of me.. it looks like sky but look above!!) Due to great conditions so far, we've just been just enjoying the alpine area, but another big storm is forecast on Friday, bringing a lot of snow. Reckon we'll probably hit up the trees.

Day 4

It's my birthday tomorrow so we're going to see about a heli trip in the morning! The Movement Trusts have been amazing. They totally shred the powder, charge down the mountain  and are generally causing quite a stir out here.. also amazing in the trees. I even managed to hike out for 1km so they're obviously not too heavy! My set up includes the Marker Dukes touring bindings and skins so that I can hike out or access lines that require some extra effort!

Oh and I get woken up in the morning to a fella lighting the fire in my room for me and making tea. Could a Yorkshire girl ask for any more??! Kashmir locals are so gentle and welcoming. Beautiful people!

Day 5

HELISKIING in the Himalayas!! Sick!!! Three drop offs and a whole morning of deserted pow!!

So super quiet here too. There's hardly even a breath of wind, it's so peaceful. The alpine area is currently the safest it has been in nine years so we cruised down really spaced out and felt so alone out there. The snow was so deep and light - an absolute joy to ski!! As I said before the Trusts RIP in the powder - really good to slash out some bigger lines - which I LOVE to do!

We dropped three different routes from the heli. One was a ridge called 'Hot Tub' which sent us around a huge ridge line, and then we nipped into some huge, empty bowls and finished on an epic line into the trees!

Safe to say. it's been the best birthday ever!!

There'll be more updates from Louise over the coming couple of weeks... Don't forget, you can hire the Movement Trusts from us here at Tignes Spirit and shred the pow in Tignes and Val d'Isere any time!