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Chatting to British shred-sensation Aimee Fuller at X Games Tignes!

We had the pleasure of chatting to the lovely Aimee Fuller while she was here in Tignes for the Winter X Games a couple of weeks ago. Here's what she had to say about double back flips, competing on the international snowboard slopestyle circuit and hanging out in Tignes!


Interview: Corinne Mayhew

Photos: IUC Photography

IUC Photography
IUC Photography

Hey Aimee! How you doing? You were here last year for the X Games... Are you enjoying being back?

Yeah! So stoked to be back here. Came here last year, but I think my nerves probably got the better of me. Had a few slams in practise and it didn't go as well as expected so I'm excited to be back here this year for sure.

How did it all go at the Aspen X games in January?

That was my first X Games in the US and I was really excited again to be there. I definitely gained a whole wealth of experience! I kind of went for the 'balls to the wall' approach and tried to pull out the best run I could do but it didn't turn out my way so yeah, hopefully I can put it down here. Good practise for Tignes for sure! Besides, there's more Brits here so it's better to perform well on the European side!

So you've got a new trick down this season?

Yeah I've got the double backflip on the go. I was out in Breckenridge a couple of weeks ago and I had a pretty good practise session, did quite a few out there. I'd definitely like to put it into my run here if the conditions and the course allow, so... we'll just see what happens!

IUC Photography
IUC Photography

A few of the other athletes have commented that the Tignes X Games kickers are quite a bit smaller than those in Aspen. What are your thoughts?

The courses is fun. It's one of the smaller courses of the year, which is actually kind of nice! It's nowhere near as much stress.. we can just get straight on it and ride. Some of the courses have been quite big and challenging this year, so to come down to something a little bit smaller is really nice!

Do you think this will mix things up a little in the ladies category?

I think it definitely opens the field for the girls. So many of them are riding really well at the moment so it literally could be anyone's game, from Spencer O'Brien to Jamie or Enni. You've got such a mix of riders, it could just be whoever lands their best run on the day. It really could be anyone. 

Have you spent a lot of time in Tignes before?

I've never actually been to Tignes other than for the X Games, so this is my fourth time here. I'd really like to come back after the Olympics and everything... just come and hang out for a couple of weeks, experience the real Tignes side of things!

IUC Photography
IUC Photography

Did you get any of the powder yesterday?

I had a couple of runs but not as much as I would have liked. I'm saving my legs for the practise!

How do you feel about going into the Olympics next year?

Yeah, excited about the Olympics. Still got to qualify as I've not done too well in any of the events yet. I've had kind of a weird season as I've had new tricks and I've been trying to put them in my run, but it's not quite there just yet. I'm going to Spain on Saturday so hopefully I'll go there and put down a good run but there's still a few opportunities to qualify so yeah, I'll just keep racking up those points and hopefully get a spot for next year.  We've got three girls hoping to qualify; me, Katie Ormerod and Jenny Jones so if we all get the results then we should be good to go! Three Brit girls there representing, so it should be fun!

IUC Photography
IUC Photography

Just for the Tignes Spirit folks out there... how do you service your board?

I'm not the best at it. I definitely just slap a load of wax on it here and there! I'm stoked I've got a specialist keeping me in check this week, which is great. Sorry - I'm not so up with all the technical wax temperatures and stuff. I tend to just slap on whatever I've got.  I literally just take a board out of the packet and ride it! Simple - that way I always know it's going to ride the same!

Thanks Aimee! Good luck with the competition - we'll be cheering for you!

Aimee stomped her double backflip in the finals and placed a highly respectable 6th place.

We'd like to wish Aimee all the best in her Olympic campaign and look forward to seeing her perform on the slopes of Tignes at next year's X Games!

Check the video of her stomping her final run here.

Huge thanks to IUC Photography for their epic photography skills!