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Henry's Avalanche Talks tour the UK this autumn

Ortovox brings you Henry's Avalanche Talks in the UK, in association with Ellis Brigham and Ski Club GB...


Skiing or snowboarding in fresh, untouched powder is the stuff that dreams are made of. Safety is paramount in unstable mountain conditions however, and you need to know that you're not taking unnecessary risks. The Henry's Avalanche Talks (based over the mountain in Val d'Isere) are making their way through the UK this autumn and are not to be missed!

There are two kinds of talks - 'The Essentials' for those just starting out on their off-piste adventures, and 'The Advanced Talks' for those who want to know the reasons why avalanches are triggered in more detail.

'Ride Hard Ride Safe - The Essentials' 

90% of avalanche accidents are triggered by the victim.....  So as skiers, since we are responsible for triggering the slide, it is possible to figure out how to avoid this risk.  Ride Hard Ride Safe is an introductory talk on how to manage these risks and still have fun at the same time.  The question skiers always ask us – “is it safe out there?” Our answer is “it depends on….”
  • Where you go and when?
  • How you down or up?
  • If you are well prepared?
Ride Hard Ride Safe 'The Essentials' helps you answer these questions.
This provides you with an overview of the issues and opportunities to have more fun. We will help you understand the meaning behind these pictures. How were his friends able to dig him out? Why did this slope release, why did the skier survive unhurt? How did the skiers manage themselves to end up safe in this dangerous environment?

Ride Hard Ride Safe, The Essentials is more than a basic talk. This will equip you to make better decisions. It is suitable for experienced off-piste skiers as well as people new to the sport.

'Ride Hard Ride Safe The Essentials Talk in Ellis Brigham stores

  •  Manchester – Wednesday 29 October 7.00pm
  • Covent Garden – Tuesday 4 November 8.00pm
  • Bristol – Thursday 6 November 7.30pm
  • St Pauls – Wednesday 12 November 7.30pm
  • Cambridge - Wednesday 19th November 7.30pm



'Ride Hard Ride Safe - The advanced talk'

In the 'Ride Hard Ride Safe Advanced Talk' we look at how avalanches are triggered.  

This module assumes you have attended the essentials talk or are already accomplished in managing risk off-piste. This is about moving your knowledge on further. We look at various theories of triggering and help skiers understand exactly how and why the avalanche is triggered. In particular we focus on why, 9 times out of 10, you can cross a potentially dangerous slope and it doesn’t release. This means that slopes can seem safe when they are not. How do you analyse this and what decisions can you take as a result?

'Ride Hard Ride Safe Advanced Talk'

  • Manchester – Thursday 30 October 7.00pm
  • Covent Garden – Wednesday 5 November 8.00pm
  • Bristol – Monday 10 November 7.30pm
  • Cambridge - Thursday 20th November 7.30pm



HAT in Val D'Isere

Don't forget, HAT run 3-day off-piste skiing courses in Val d'Isere throughout the winter season. Get in touch with them to book your spot!

This is why you need to attend a Henry's Avalanche Talk...