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Tignes Spirit Workshop

Here at Tignes Spirit, as well as our flagship store in Tignes le lavachet, we also have our own workshop.  This means we are able to ensure all skis and snowboards are fully serviced and return to our rental fleet in top-notch condition.

Servicing & Repairs

We also offer servicing and equipment repairs to any clients who would like their skis or snowboards to be serviced and offer very reasonable prices. We can also boast that the quality of repairs we offer by far outshine that of any other ski or snowboard shop in Tignes. We have repaired equipment previously thought of as 'unrepairable' by other shops, and to a high standard!

We have some of the best equipment and wax in the workshop and consistently try to keep up to date with new technology to ensure we provide the best service!

Overnight Servicing

For those with their own equipment we also provide overnight servicing of skis and snowboards any day of the week. We will collect the equipment and deliver it back first thing in the morning at the latest, so that you can enjoy newly-serviced equipment whenever you want.

The boys in the workshop can fix things other shops in Tignes won’t… anything from split edges, to massive gouges and holes in the base. Topsheets… the boys are happy to give it a go!

They also do new binding mounts and can change or re-drill boards or skis for new bindings or a change of stance.

British Junior Team

No nose? No problem!!
No nose? No problem!!

Recently the workshop boys serviced all of the snowboards belonging to the kids who were competing in the Brits in March, including some of our own team riders who went on to grab loads of medals! The workshop can also claim that they have serviced the boards of snowsports celebrities such as Jenny Jones and Ed Leigh who came riding in St Foy this season filming for the BBC’s Ski Sunday in search of powder... Full story to come!!

The boys have also given old boards a completely new lease of life by cutting them in half and turning them into splitboards.  Logan recently split the end of his board so shortened it down and turned it into a 130cm fish tail board, which he claims 'rides like a dream'!

Minty Fresh Racing

Adam from Minty Fresh Racing set up the workshop in it's first season and has used his vast experience to train up new staff in the art of repairs and servicing each year.

His career as a racing driver has kicked off over the last couple of years and Tignes Spirit are proud to be sponsoring him and his team!


"For me, the thing I liked the most about working at Tignes Spirit was the respect that Kieran showed everyone, and his willingness to give everybody a chance. He is a great judge of character, and the workshop teams I’ve worked with over the years have not only been extremely hard working, they have also been extremely fun.

There are many skills that cross over between Tignes Spirit and Motorsport. I could sit here and say the usual things like working as part of a team, gaining hands on experience in a professional environment, time management etc etc, but I think things such as taking pride in your work and learning how to attain a good life balance are far more important life skills.’

Charlie is the workshop manager this year, and as well as being a pretty badass snowboarder (his signature trick is huge tame-dogs!), he's also actually a pretty damn good rugby player too!

Check out what some of our customers have said about our workshop…

Andy H - The boys in workshop drilled my girlfriends new skis, they were really helpful working out what would suit her ability.’ 

J. Werg - I have used Tignes Spirit probably half a dozen times over the years for equipment hire, repair (they also have a great workshop) and accommodation. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone visiting the area. Other businesses could learn a bit from them.’

Rob – ‘I damaged my board next to the edge and took it to large well known shop in Val, they assured me they could repair the board without damaging the edge. On collection I found the repair job was substandard the P-TEX was lumpy and not smooth, they charged me for a full tune but did not fill in any other scrapes and to top it off they cracked the edge of my board in the process leaving a sharp point perfect to catch on a rail and injure yourself on. I was obviously very unhappy until a friend recommended brining the board to Tignes Spirit.

The staff at Tignes Spirit were extremely helpful and friendly, when I told them I was coming over from Val d'Isere they offered to collect and return my board free of charge.  They were also very honest that the repair may not be perfect due to the edge damage. When they returned the board to me they had filled in all the gauges with P-TEX, waxed the board and most importantly they flattened and glued the edge in place and filed it smooth.

Logan so proud of his reshaped board!
Logan so proud of his reshaped board!

The finish was Excellent I'm very Happy with the Work and Service from Tignes Spirit. I would highly recommend them and I will now NOT take my Snowboard to any other repair shop.’

Check out our tumblr page for more pictures from the Tignes Spirit Workshop and drop by and chat to the guys in lavachet about any repairs or servicing that you may require!

Tignes Spirit offer 'walk-in' prices from €10 for wax, edge, full tunes & repairs!