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Meet the workshop Manager :: Rhys Jones

The Tignes Spirit Workshop technicians are a rare breed... Perfectionists to the extreme, innovative, enthusiastic and super friendly!
Come and meet our Workshop Manager Rhys who has 15 years of back to back seasons under his belt, and will be heading up the workshop team this season...

How did you get into Snowboarding?

I was well into skating and back in 95 or 96 me and a few of the boys used to go to Fairwater Dry slope in Cardiff on a Friday after school to snowboard. We had seen Board Stupid on TV and some snowboard films in City Surf skate shop in Cardiff so we had to give it a go.

That year we went on a cheap as chips school trip to Andorra, ended up ripping around on a hard boot set up for the first three days before getting on the soft boots.  Best fun ever.

What was the moment that defined you as a snowboarder?

Probably the moment I grabbed my first tindy and my first powder turns.

Who/what are your inspirations?

-I get inspired mostly by the people that I ride with, it doesn't matter where I am or what the weathers like as long as the crew and the vibe is good. A few riders I've always liked the riding styles of are Peter Line, Travis Parker, Jamie Lynn and Nicolas Muller.

Where is your favourite place to ride?

I've been to loads of epic resorts over the years and a couple of stand outs are:

  • Tignes France: endless terrain straight out of your front door, its got it all!!
  • Kirkwood, California has unreal terrain and amazing on a powder day... if you know where your going! 
  • Ch####t H###i(sorry can't reveal the name) aka NORTH KOREA in Niigata Prefecture Japan, bit of a local secret, three lifts and never anybody there and gets tonnes of snow. I managed to score it a few times fresh lines all day. It's up there with some of the best powder days of my life. 
  • Coronet Peak NZ... hated by many, loved by a few. If you know the lines and its not bullet proof you'll be frothing!!
  • Sierra At Tahoe California: sick parks and amazing tree riding. 
  • Steamboat Springs Colorado: 1st March 2006, best powder day ever....heavy crew and bottomless champagne dry-as-you-like snow. Banging! 

So many epic shred days at some amazing places I could go on and on.

Which is the weirdest and whackiest resort you've been to?

-Whakapapa Ski Resort in NZ. The resort is on the side of a live volcano which last erupted in 2007, and apparently there was lava flowing down the runs. Imagine that!! It smells of sulphur everywhere and has steam coming out of the snow. The terrain is unbelievable too.

A few random resorts in Japan with everything from one- seater chair lifts to Gondola's, mental snow sculptures, huge concrete lodge buildings, blasting gangster rap through speakers at every lift tower. Pretty rad if you ask me!

What's the weirdest job you've had to fund your snowboarding? 

I've done tonnes of jobs in between the seasons to keep me in airfares and boots . I've painted my mate Bryn's house about five times inside and out. I think he just felt sorry for me being perpetually skint!

Chinese take away delivery driver, big ups to the Bamboo Garden Cardiff best Singapore fried noodles on Cathedral Road.  Scaffolders labourer... I was working away with the scaffolding crew and the boys were telling me how tough they were and how many kg's they could lift then asked me if I fancied going down the tanning salon for a sunbed after work. Well-ard! 

What do you love/hate about working at Tignes Spirit?

-I enjoy rocking out in the workshop with the boys to some classic rock and maybe some mega mash-up aswell. Getting stuck into a repair on a damaged board or pair of ski's and straightening them out, getting to try out all the new gear, froths with the crew!

Head to Tignes le lavachet to chat to Rhys and the Workshop crew about repairing or servicing your skis or snowboard, mounting new bindings or any other mountain hardware-related issue!
Or... book your servicing in advance to have your kit picked up & dropped off for free! 

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