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Keith Wood - Lift Ticket Snowboard Instruction

Keith is one of a new breed of independent British snowboard instructors working in Tignes and Val d'Isere. He holds some of the highest instructor qualifications in the world and has experience teaching people from a variety of backgrounds.  With a huge amount of experience and a lively and super friendly disposition, we're very happy to be working with him this season!


I'm Keith Wood from Camden in London and I own Lift Ticket snowboard school.
I first started snowboarding when a friend suggested it some twenty years ago. We went on our first trip and when he went home, I carried on to another resort - I was hooked!
I started on the snowboard instructor pathway mainly for my own personal development....... and then I realised it was the reason I was put on this planet!

I loved the journey of becoming a snowboard instructor. It was really tough trying to pass all the higher level qualifications with some amazing highs and spirit-crushing lows but I have met some amazing people and made life-long friends. It made me experience so much that I would never have experienced otherwise.
The BASI (British Association of Snowsport Instructors) pathway is definitely the best route to go down, as they recognise snowboarding as a separate discipline. This is why BASI snowboard instructors are the best in the world and not just skiers who are also doing a bit of snowboarding.... 

I really believe that you can learn all the life lessons you need through snowboarding. Snowboarding will save the world.....just don't ask me how...but it will!
I am mainly based in Tignes during the winter and also a few weeks in the summer. I also spend time in London, trying to avoid bankruptcy and planning my next escape tot he Alps!
I teach anyone who wants to snowboard, kids, adults....even people who have skied! I also work with people who have special needs or physical difficulties, as long as they want to snowboard - we are going to go snowboarding!

As well as Tignes and Val d'Isere I also teach in the snow domes around the UK such as Hemel Hempstead and Milton Keynes. I'm pretty adaptable though and love to travel, so will go where ever you want to shred! I also work as a Development Coach with the Royal Navy Snowboard Team and the GB ParaSnowboard Team, so that is always fun.
Teaching can be so rewarding and I'd say some of the most amazing moments have been when teaching some people with difficulties that make their everyday life a real challenge. To see them stoked on snowboarding is so inspiring!

I love working with Tignes Spirit as I know my clients will be well looked after and have the perfect equipment for their holiday. Pretty essential when you come all this way and want to make the most of your trip!
There a few other British snowboard instructors in Tignes and we're like a little family. We all look out for each other.
Massive thanks to Never Summer UK for all their support this season.
Happy shredding!

You can book a session with Keith through his website and follow Lift Ticket on facebook to stay up to date with all his upcoming camps and courses.