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Burton and Black Cat Jib Trick contest

Missed the Burton and Black Cat sponsored Jib Trick contest in Val Claret? Then check out the video clips. Built outside Evolution 2 and the Fish Tank there were a number of rails, boxes, pub tables and beer barrels (to Jib!!) on offer. Quality riding was seen by local riders Julian, Mathieu, as well as Tim, Will and Rich representing the British riders based in Tignes. Both Miriam and Cas successfully made it to the women’s final.

Unfortunately it was the first day in a week when the sun wasn’t out, so the BBQ wasn’t fully enjoyed but the odd tri-lingual Belgium MC did his best to keep the crowd going with his unique euro-singing in between trick descriptions. As the weather turned, the finalists were cut to just one run, which was a shame as the qualifications saw a better standard of riding on show. As the snow and darkness fell a few riders took part in the Big Air contest pulled by a ski-doo!! Thanks to those who organised the event and to whoever must have spent at least a day digging and shaping!!