Driving from the UK

Driving your own vehicle from the UK is a viable option and gives you added flexibility once in resort. It is a long drive including either the Euro Tunnel or a Dover to Calais/Dunkerque ferry crossing and can easily take over 12 hours. We recommend either sharing the drive and adding in rest stops, or having an over night stop. 

Check out the route Dover to Tignes or look on Google, for a good map and detailed directions from the UK.

*It is advisable to have a copy of your route with you and don’t just rely on your Sat Nav as sometimes it can take you down roads that are closed during the winter! Please note the Mont blanc tunnel to the Col de St Barnard and the Col d’Iseran are all closed throughout winter. 

For your safety when driving in Europe please visit the AA Compulsory Equipment page.


Ferries: UK to France

Search ferry crossings via the links below: 

For multiple ports from the UK to France look at Ferry Cheap or Ferry Savers

For Dover to Dunkerque take Norfolkline or DFDS

For Dover to Calais check My Ferry Link take P & O Ferries & Brittany Ferries.

Or from Folkstone to Calais take the Euro Tunnel which is often the fastest option although can be more expensive.


In and around the Tignes area.

If you hire a car you will have to hire snow chains for around £20, this is a must. If it snows heavily either on your way up or way down the mountain, the roads are impossible to pass without either snow chains or snow tyres. DO NOT try the journey without them. The police will often have check points and won't let drivers past Bourg St. Maurice without showing your chains. Make sure you know how to set them up and fit the chains before you find yourself on a dangerous mountain road, in a blizzard with other cars flying past you! There are a number of good demonstrations on You Tube to assist you with the chains.

Now you have arrived in resort what to do with your car? There are plenty of car parks in Tignes 3 underground car parks in Le Lac, 2 in Val Claret and 1 in Lavachet. There are some free car parks a bus ride away in Les Boisses but these aren't underground, so if it snows you will have to dig your car out before you leave. Be warned that Tignes operate a strict parking policy, anyone parked illegally will be towed and charged around 100 euros. Please follow this link to find the right Car Park for you.

Be prepared for a long journey should the weather close in. Although it doesn't happen too often, throughout the winter season the road up to Tignes is sometimes closed because of the high avalanche risk caused by heavy snow falls. While the local authorities deal with the situation no cars can get up or down from resort, if this occurs at the weekend this can create long delays and tail backs. Make sure you have enough food, water and clothing to deal with the situation. In short, be prepared.

To give you an idea of where you are heading and the route to use, take a look at this location map of Tignes and the surrounding area.